Student Blogging Lesson Two

Learning Intention

This semester we are learning about blogging.

Today we will continue our research into blogging and learn what blogs are about, what features they have and some of the reasons students keep blogs.

Success Criteria

  • I can explain what a blog is
  • I can talk about some reasons people keep blogs
  • I can make comparisons between blogs
  • I can share my thoughts with others using an online collaboration tool
  • I can accurately type URLs into the browser and reach the web sites I need to go to













Last lesson we looked at the web site below and browsed through some blogs listed. Today, we will look more closely at these student blogs and,

  • compare how they look
  • notice what features they share
  • discuss the ways they are different
  • compare the authors’ writing styles in different blog posts

After you have compared a few student blogs, you can start to reflect on what you have seen. Join our class Padlet wall and add your thoughts to the wall. Your comments must try to answer these questions below. Please remember to write your first name on your Padlet posts!


What kinds of things do people blog about?
What can be added to a blog?
How do blogs work?
Do you think there are any rules about blogging online?


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  1. mrvantaarling says:

    Great to see a blog on blogging!

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