Student Blogging Lesson Four

Learning Intention

This semester we are learning about blogging. Our personal blogs will be about what interests us, the blogs will be our passion projects.

Today we will decide what our blog will be about and we will begin to plan our blogs.

Success Criteria

  • I can talk about my interest or passion that I will blog about
  • I can plan some topics for my first blog posts and plan some ideas for future posts
  • I can plan the layout of my blog and what features and widgets I might want to add to my blog
  • I can discuss the audience for my blog and know what they would be interested in
  • I can accurately type URLs into the browser and reach the web sites I need to go to
  • I can use Padlet to create the plan for my blog and add multimedia to the Padlet wall


Today, we will begin to plan for our blog.

We need to decide what our blog will be about. It should be about something that we care about and are very interested in, so that we will be able to write many posts and share our knowledge and passion with other people who share our interests. We could call these blogs our Passion Projects!

Take a look at these videos of children who have followed their interests with amazing results…

Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system.

Thomas Suarez: iPhone App Developer

Use Padlet to record your ideas for your blog.

Questions to consider……

  • What topics will you write about in your blog posts?
  • What information and ideas or opinions do you want to share with your readers?
  • Who is the audience for your blog? Who are you writing for?
  • What features do you want to have on your blog?

You can add images, video and links to widgets or web sites that you might like to include on your blog in the future. Remember to make sure that you have copyright permission to add these resources.

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