To Do List. Number 1: Start our blogs

Today we are making a change that will alter how we do things forever!

Today the year 3/4 teachers begin their class blogs……………But What is a Blog?

This will be exciting, we hope our blogs will benefit us all in many ways…

We want to,

  • improve home-school connectedness, by improving communication and participation with our school community
  • increase student voice by providing a place for students’ thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas
  • flip the classroom by providing access to lessons and learning resources that are available from anywhere and at any time
  • increase our connections with an audience beyond our school walls
  • collaborate with each other and bring the online world into our world…everyday!
  • have an online space where we can reflect, share and celebrate our work and achievements
  • learn more about the possibilities that blogging will bring us

This video, by Kathleen Morris, highlights the educational benefits of blogging,

Sometimes it helps to see what’s possible by looking at some examples of other teachers class blogs.

So what now?

Let’s get started!


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