Mathica’s Mathshop – All Star Elf


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Good morning year one and two.

Today we are going to visit the Land of Tales and learn about measuring and graphing from the Mathmagician’s helper, Mathica. Here is what we will learn….


Learning Intention:

Today we are learning to,

  • estimate how far we can step
  • collect data about how far we can step
  • measure to check our estimates
  • show how far we stepped on a bar graph
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Success Criteria:

I can:

  • make good estimates about how far I can step
  • measure how far I stepped
  • record how far I stepped on a bar graph
  • explain what I did and what I learnt

First we need to watch this episode of Mathica’s Mathshop.

I think you will enjoy it.

It is called All Star Elf and is about the annual sports day in the Land of Tales.

What math problems did you see Mathica solve on today’s show?

  • Mathica was measuring how high everyone jumped [Natasha]
  • Mathica measured how much water the animals could carry [Tommy]
  • Mathica measured how tall the candlestick was [Sam]
  • Mathica was measuring the candlestick with her hands [Supolu and Kaylah]

Do you remember the candlestick jumping competition?

Today we will have a competition to see who can make the longest steps.

We will go outside and you will work with a partner to guess and then measure who can take the longest steps. We will use our feet to measure the length of our giant steps.

You will need:

  • a partner
  • chalk
  • a graph sheet
  • a pencil
  • coloured pencils


What math problems did you solve today?

  • We drew a line and then see how far we could step [Maretu]
  • So if you had chalk and the other person had to step and then they stop and then you measure it and step to the line and then you colour it in for how many steps you took [Natasha]
  • Measuring our foot and we watched Mathica’s Mathshop [Tommy]
  • We put on the screen how to measure and then we went outside to copy it on the floor [Jagan]
  • The movie was really good and the shop was good and the rabbit lost the challenge.[Christina]

Measure how far we can step