Create a zoo at school!



We are learning about the animals and insects that live at our school.

We will discover which creatures have made our playground their habitat.

We are going to create a zoo at school!

You will need:

  • two partners
  • observant eyes
  • paperladybird
  • a pencil
  • a hula hoop for your group, and
  • something to lean on


Let’s get started…

We will go outside into the schoolyard and find a good place to set up our zoo. We will use the hula hoop as the walls of our zoo. Then we can record how many animals and insects we can see moving around in our zoo.

create a zoo

This is what we discovered….in our own words…

  • We saw ants
  • We saw all kinds of bugs
  • We saw a brown moth
  • We saw lots of ants
  • It was really fun looking for insects in the sandpit and the green grass.
  • We had fun at our zoo and we saw lots of insects and we saw a lot of ants. Our zoo was up near the fence in the dirt and the grass.
  • It was exciting looking for insects, it was the best zoo. We called it St Albans Zoo.

What's in our zoo


More about ants…







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