Check in time….why are we blogging?


Every now and then it’s good to check in and remind ourselves why we are moving down the path of class blogging and visit some blogs to gather new ideas for blog posts. Recently I read a blog post from Educators Technology that outlined 8 reasons why you should create a blog for your class. This post succinctly outlined some valid reasons for class blogging.

These blogs might provide some inspiration to reinvigorate our class blogs…

Junior Primary Blogs:

Senior Primary Blogs:

Pages and Posts

Today we will look at the difference between pages and posts and set up a page or two that will be useful for our students.

Here is a quick video that explains the difference.

Pages are great places to add information that does not change very often. We could consider pages to house our classroom timetable, homework requirements and due dates, online safety reminders, classroom notices and any other information that students might need to revisit over the term or semester.

Creating our Blogs. Where are we up to?

blog picOver the past two weeks, we have started to create our class blogs. In just 90 minutes we have been able to get the class blog set up and begin to personalise it for our classrooms. Now is a good time to check if we all have the components on our blogs that we have discussed.

Have you…??

  • Chosen your theme and ensured that it has one sidebar on the right side
  • Chosen a theme that makes the posts and content easy to read and easy to navigate
  • Customised your theme with colours and photos that suit your class
  • Set up the widgets in the sidebar to include,
    • links to great websites for your students to access
    • links to the other blogs at our school
    • links to support and help sites
  • Selected the most appropriate order for the widgets in your sidebar
  • Written a permanent welcome message for your blog using the text sidebar widget


Today we will,

  • Add some plugins
  • Write our first post
  • Create post categories
  • Add an ‘About me’ page

Let’s go….

This week we can introduce our blogs to our students!!

How are you planning to introduce your blog??

To Do List. Number 1: Start our blogs

Today we are making a change that will alter how we do things forever!

Today the year 3/4 teachers begin their class blogs……………But What is a Blog?

This will be exciting, we hope our blogs will benefit us all in many ways…

We want to,

  • improve home-school connectedness, by improving communication and participation with our school community
  • increase student voice by providing a place for students’ thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas
  • flip the classroom by providing access to lessons and learning resources that are available from anywhere and at any time
  • increase our connections with an audience beyond our school walls
  • collaborate with each other and bring the online world into our world…everyday!
  • have an online space where we can reflect, share and celebrate our work and achievements
  • learn more about the possibilities that blogging will bring us

This video, by Kathleen Morris, highlights the educational benefits of blogging,

Sometimes it helps to see what’s possible by looking at some examples of other teachers class blogs.

So what now?

Let’s get started!


Student Blogging Lesson Five

Learning Intention

This semester we are learning about blogging. Our personal blogs will be about what interests us, the blogs will be our passion projects.

Today we will continue to plan our blogs.

Success Criteria

  • I can talk about my interest or passion that I will blog about
  • I can plan some topics for my first blog posts and plan some ideas for future posts
  • I can explain how to protect my privacy and my online reputation on my blog
  • I can plan the layout of my blog and what features and widgets I might want to add to my blog
  • I can discuss the audience for my blog and know what they would be interested in
  • I can accurately type URLs into the browser and reach the web sites I need to go to
  • I can use Padlet to create the plan for my blog and add multimedia to the Padlet wall

Today, we will continue planning for our blog.

We will discuss the strategies we can use to protect our privacy and our online reputation when writing our blog posts and the “about me” page or bio.


Log into the same Padlet you used last lesson to record your ideas and drafts for your blog.



Include these things on your blog planner padlet……

  • Notes about the topics you plan to write about in your blog posts?
  • A draft of your personal bio for the “About Me” page
  • A draft of your first blog post

You can add images, video and links to widgets or web sites that you might like to include on your blog in the future. Remember to make sure that you have copyright permission to add these resources. Are the images or videos CC [creative commons] or free to use and share?


Share and discuss your plans with a classmate. Do they have any feedback for you that will help you to improve your blog or help keep safe online? Can  you give helpful feedback to them?