Stop & Think….Before you Click

being online is part of your life



Today we are learning about how to help our friends and classmates if they are being cyberbullied. We will find out what advice we can give them.


Are you a good friend?

What advice would you give a friend being cyber bullied?

We will watch the video above, twice.

  1. The first time we will watch and listen to tune ourselves into the video’s message.
  2. The second time we watch, we will take notes about the strategies people can use if they are being bullied online.

You will need:advice worksheet


  • A book or blank paper for note taking
  • Pencils
  • Worksheet




Our notes from the video:

Here is the advice we learnt from the video….If we or someone we know is being cyberbullied, we can tell them to…

  1. Ignore the bully. Sometimes it’s best not to respond
  2. Block the bully
  3. Speak up for others, stand up for yourself……but don’t bully them back
  4. Ask an adult for help…someone you trust
  5. Save the evidence…take a screen capture of the bullying
  6. Treat others online the way you want to be treated
  7. Know how to behave online. Don’t be a bully yourself.
  8. Be positive online. You will get a bad reputation if you are not nice online.