Stop & Think….Before you Click

being online is part of your life



Today we are learning about how to help our friends and classmates if they are being cyberbullied. We will find out what advice we can give them.


Are you a good friend?

What advice would you give a friend being cyber bullied?

We will watch the video above, twice.

  1. The first time we will watch and listen to tune ourselves into the video’s message.
  2. The second time we watch, we will take notes about the strategies people can use if they are being bullied online.

You will need:advice worksheet


  • A book or blank paper for note taking
  • Pencils
  • Worksheet




Our notes from the video:

Here is the advice we learnt from the video….If we or someone we know is being cyberbullied, we can tell them to…

  1. Ignore the bully. Sometimes it’s best not to respond
  2. Block the bully
  3. Speak up for others, stand up for yourself……but don’t bully them back
  4. Ask an adult for help…someone you trust
  5. Save the evidence…take a screen capture of the bullying
  6. Treat others online the way you want to be treated
  7. Know how to behave online. Don’t be a bully yourself.
  8. Be positive online. You will get a bad reputation if you are not nice online.


Think before you share!


Today we are learning about being safe on the internet and why it’s important to think carefully before we post anything online.

This will help us to know what is OK to post on our classroom blogs, chat in online games and other social media. It will also help us to know what is NOT OK to post!


Let’s watch these videos together…

Now we will watch the videos again and take some notes to help us remember what important information they told us.

Pencil and paper



You will need a worksheet and a pencil to take your notes.




Cybersmart Detectives

cybersmart detectives header

owlDuring this lesson, we will discuss and learn about….

  • information that should not be posted online
  • where to seek assistance if things go wrong online
  • the difference between sensible and risky online behaviour.

Let’s Chat…

  • How many of you have a smartphone?
  • How do you mainly use your smartphone?
  • How many of you use instant messaging?
  • Does anyone contribute to a website or Blog?
  • Does anyone play online games, for example, Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Call of Duty or use filesharing sites for music, games, ringtones, etc
  • How many of you have talked to people online that you have not met in person?
  • What is your favourite thing to do on your smartphone, tablet or other online device?
  • Does anyone access the internet with their TV?
  • Has anyone experienced a situation online that made you feel uncomfortable?
  • Does anyone know of anyone that has been cyberbullied?
  • Has anyone helped someone that has been cyberbullied?

Now, let’s watch this Cybersmart Detectives Video….


cybersmart detective rules


Some Sticky Situations!

What Would You Do? 


google eyes


Look at the photos and think about what you would do in these situations.

Turn and talk with a partner, discuss what you would do. Why would you choose to respond this way?

Your challenge!

To be honest in your answers.

Don’t say what you think is the right answer, talk about what you would actually do IRL!!

safe game
meeting photo
social networking password
















Your Task

Choose one of the situations described in a photo above and write a conversation about it between yourself and a friend.

  1. Draw yourself and your friend onto a pair of cutout people
  2. Write your conversation onto speech bubbles
  3. Cut out the speech bubbles and glue them onto the correct people
  4. Share your conversation with a classmate or two!

For this task you will need

  • A pair of cutout people
  • Speech bubbles
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pencils
  • Glue