Some Sticky Situations!

What Would You Do? 


google eyes


Look at the photos and think about what you would do in these situations.

Turn and talk with a partner, discuss what you would do. Why would you choose to respond this way?

Your challenge!

To be honest in your answers.

Don’t say what you think is the right answer, talk about what you would actually do IRL!!

safe game
meeting photo
social networking password
















Your Task

Choose one of the situations described in a photo above and write a conversation about it between yourself and a friend.

  1. Draw yourself and your friend onto a pair of cutout people
  2. Write your conversation onto speech bubbles
  3. Cut out the speech bubbles and glue them onto the correct people
  4. Share your conversation with a classmate or two!

For this task you will need

  • A pair of cutout people
  • Speech bubbles
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pencils
  • Glue








Pages and Posts

Today we will look at the difference between pages and posts and set up a page or two that will be useful for our students.

Here is a quick video that explains the difference.

Pages are great places to add information that does not change very often. We could consider pages to house our classroom timetable, homework requirements and due dates, online safety reminders, classroom notices and any other information that students might need to revisit over the term or semester.

Creating our Blogs. Where are we up to?

blog picOver the past two weeks, we have started to create our class blogs. In just 90 minutes we have been able to get the class blog set up and begin to personalise it for our classrooms. Now is a good time to check if we all have the components on our blogs that we have discussed.

Have you…??

  • Chosen your theme and ensured that it has one sidebar on the right side
  • Chosen a theme that makes the posts and content easy to read and easy to navigate
  • Customised your theme with colours and photos that suit your class
  • Set up the widgets in the sidebar to include,
    • links to great websites for your students to access
    • links to the other blogs at our school
    • links to support and help sites
  • Selected the most appropriate order for the widgets in your sidebar
  • Written a permanent welcome message for your blog using the text sidebar widget


Today we will,

  • Add some plugins
  • Write our first post
  • Create post categories
  • Add an ‘About me’ page

Let’s go….

This week we can introduce our blogs to our students!!

How are you planning to introduce your blog??

To Do List. Number 1: Start our blogs

Today we are making a change that will alter how we do things forever!

Today the year 3/4 teachers begin their class blogs……………But What is a Blog?

This will be exciting, we hope our blogs will benefit us all in many ways…

We want to,

  • improve home-school connectedness, by improving communication and participation with our school community
  • increase student voice by providing a place for students’ thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas
  • flip the classroom by providing access to lessons and learning resources that are available from anywhere and at any time
  • increase our connections with an audience beyond our school walls
  • collaborate with each other and bring the online world into our world…everyday!
  • have an online space where we can reflect, share and celebrate our work and achievements
  • learn more about the possibilities that blogging will bring us

This video, by Kathleen Morris, highlights the educational benefits of blogging,

Sometimes it helps to see what’s possible by looking at some examples of other teachers class blogs.

So what now?

Let’s get started!


It’s a draw! Comparing online drawing tools


Last session we spent some time in our private chat rooms discussing what we would like to learn more about in our ICT lessons. There were many ideas shared. You told me you would like to learn,

  • about Kid Pix [3 people]
  • to use paint tools or drawing [2 people]
  • how to use the right web sites
  • about Cyberbullying [2 people]
  • about different websites that help you [2 people]
  • about new web sites [2 people]
  • more about the sites I use
  • all about the main tools to use when we need to search
  • about Microsoft Surface
  • about Windows 8.1, cloud storage, Blogger and Blogpost
  • more about Apple stuff
  • to set up a URL for games [3 people]
  • to make and design our own games or puzzles [6 people]
  • to make a movie or animation [4 people]
  • more about blogs and make them [7 people]
  • to set up talking messaging ‘things’ for KIK
  • about Google


Compare the Drawing Tools….


Five people said they would like to learn more about Kid Pix, drawing or painting tools and four more people said they would like to learn about new web sites or sites that would help them. So, lets take a look at some online drawing tools.

Here are four online drawing tools. You can try out one of them and learn how to use it really well or you can try out all of them and discover which one you think is the best. At the end of the lesson, we will talk about what we learnt, how we can use this new learning and compare the four different drawing tools. You can draw whatever you like………use your imagination!!

Remember to draw something you are happy to share with everyone, if you would not want your grandparents to see it, then don’t draw it!

BTW: If you can’t decide what to draw, ask me……..I have great ideas!! 😉


Here are the drawing tools…



   Sumo Paint  –




Draw Island  –






Kleki –